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King's Cross

Next tour:   Sat 2nd Mar 

Time: 11am  Duration: 2 Hours 

Start: King's Cross Station Courtyard at front by information displays.  

Finish: King's Cross Station


10. Kings Cross  

Transport Hub to Tech City  

30 years ago, most people only went to King’s Cross to catch a train or engage in some of the illicit activities at the back of the station! Nowadays the 67-acre site surrounding the station has been totally transformed as part of a 25-year regeneration plan involving King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership and the property developers Argent.


It’s now a bustling area for work, shopping, leisure and living. Google has located its main UK HQ there in a new “ground scraper” and Facebook have also taken occupancy along with other leading companies. The heritage of the site has been preserved and enhanced with great shops and restaurants around Granary Square and Coal Drops Yard.  


London is a pioneer at “brown field” mixed used re-generation, and this is one of the largest urban re-development projects in Europe. The story is very compelling! 

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