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Andrew Sealy

AMS Tours was founded by Andrew Sealy, a qualified London Blue Badge Tourist Guide. The Blue Badge is the highest qualification for tour guides in Britain and the benchmark of excellence. It is accredited by the Institute of Tourist Guiding. 

If you are interested in booking a bespoke tour for friends and/or colleagues and would like more information about upcoming tours, please email or ring Andrew

07736 599797

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I’ve been fortunate to have lived and worked in London for most of my life. Firstly, as a Human Resources specialist in professional and financial services and then as a qualified London Tourist Guide. I have welcomed many people to our capital as new recruits, colleagues , clients and friends. London’s unique 2,000 year old story has so much to offer when you’re out on a work function, a guided tour or walk or even just a social with friends or family.  

My mantra is “to look up and look around”. I learn something new every day when I am in London and it is this enthusiasm that I aim to install in anyone that comes on my guided walks and tours. London’s story has been shaped by so many forces from Roman and Norman conquest through global exploration, maritime trade, plague, great fire, empire, world war and global commerce. It is a vibrant, living City open for business and people but so much of our heritage and culture from centuries past is still there to see and enjoy! 

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