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Andrew Sealy 
London Walking Tours

Enjoy London as you've never seen it before on a guided tour with Andrew Sealy, Blue Badge Guide.

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Andrew offers scheduled themed walking tours, visits to some of the great London locations and bespoke private tours for companies, groups and families.

“Andy, thanks so much for today. What a wonderful and enjoyable tour! Everyone found it so interesting and fun at the same time. You were a star! And so knowledgeable!!”


Neil Hodson on Westminster tour 

“Andy’s walking tour around Marylebone was fantastic, full of fascinating facts about parts of the local area that I’d never realised existed. He even told us about the history of our own offices!” 


Andrew Jay  Head of Data Centre Solutions, Advisory & Transaction Services CBRE on Marylebone Tour 

"Thanks so much for the walk; It’s so interesting the things we walk past every day but don’t pick up on until they are pointed out and explained. ... I have been recommending it to everyone!"

Laura Ronan on Whitechapel
and City tour

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